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The Belle Epoque of the Targa Florio Races

The Belle Epoque of the Targa Florio races

The Belle Époque (the beautiful age) coincides with a period of Edwardian extravagance. During this era at the turn of the 20th century, Paris was held to be the epicentre of fashion and cuisine, London of society and class whilst New York’s golden age was based on wealth. The Art Nouveau ebullience was both decadent and beautiful. The reality was the privileged and moneyed classes enjoyed the high life in sharp contrast to the poverty of the under classes, both urban and rural and nowhere more so than in Sicily.
Yet, it is little known today that Palermo out-rivalled Paris as the hub of fashion, art and theatre with both nobility and society acolytes flocking to be seen. In particular they wished to be seen at the epic races initiated by the youngest scion of the wealthy entrepreneurial family Florio: Vincenzo.

This story is being made into a movie titled “Pistons, Passions & Sicilian Pleasures”
It will recount the early life of Vincenzo Florio and his companion Felice Nazzaro, who became the most successful racing driver of the times – One of the first superstars who was unique for his understated elegance in every respect of his life, including his driving style which became a model for future champions such as Varzi and then Fangio himself.
The period came to a dramatic conclusion with the start of the Great World War in 1914.
As a prelude to the release of the film, Upfolds Publishing is launching a book being printed in December 2013 in time to catch the Christmas sales for those who do not know what to buy for their Motoring (and history loving) partners.

This book is based on the experiences of making this film and is illustrated by photographic artists capturing both the beautiful landscapes of Sicily and the excitement of one hundred year old racing cars reliving the passions of the Targa Florio: the longest ever running road race series.
The book is a hard backed coffee table style in high definition. It is priced to sell at £30 plus Post & Packing to worldwide destinations.
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